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Day 5 Recap!

06/14/24 @ 8:31 PM

Day 5 of the 66th Annual Big Rock Tournament ended with 14 blue marlin and 3 white marlin releases. 115 of 302 boats fished today.

Lady angler Nicole Kornegay got things started at the weigh station with a 22.9 lb. Wahoo. Her catch earned the crew of TALKIN’ TRASH $2,000 in daily prize money.

38 SPECIAL’S lady angler, Lillian Hellars, rocked the scales with a 12.6 lb. dolphin, claiming 2nd place in the daily division, worth $1,000. PERSISTENCE captured the top daily prize of $2,000 with a 16.3 lb. mahi.

Both release divisions saw leaderboard changes. The daily Level VIII release prize of $50,291.67 went to Capt. Mark Chambers on the DUE SOUTH for a blue marlin release. POST CALL slid into the 3rd place spot with 4 blue marlin releases over the week totaling 1600 points. SANDBOB is still in second place with 1850 points (4 BM + 2 WM), trailing SPECULATOR by only 150 points.

The Level IX Non-Sonar Division daily prize of $28,687.5 was won by REEL COUNTRY with 1 blue marlin and 1 white marlin. REEL DEVELOPERS stole the 3rd place spot in the weekly division with 1 blue marlin caught today, and a sailfish caught earlier in the week. REDEMPTION has been holding on to the first place spot all week with 800 points. SANCOCHO is sitting in second place with 525 points for 1 blue marlin + 1 sailfish.

Only ONE DAY left… an estimated 270+ boats are eligible to fish tomorrow, it’s anyone's game.

Lines In, Day 5!

06/14/24 @ 9:22 AM

Lines are IN for Day 5 of the Big Rock Tournament! 116 boats are fishing today, 186 are taking a lay day. Will we see a leaderboard shakeup?! Tune in NOW to listen to the live radio feed with the voice of Big Rock, Randy Ramsey.

Day 4 RECAP!

06/13/24 @ 11:15 PM

Day 4 of the 66th Annual Big Rock Tournament comes to an end. It was a rather slow day offshore with only 12 billfish released – 8 blue marlin, 3 white marlin, and 1 sailfish.

The scales only saw two gamefish, both capturing $2,000 for their catch: RETRIEVER weighed in a 10.3 lb. dolphin and RELENTLESS PURSUIT brought a 42.8 lb. wahoo in.

KILO CHARLIE captured the Level VIII Release prize of $50,291.67 with a blue marlin and a sail.

BOOTLEGGER released 2 white marlin, earning the Level IX daily payout of $28,687.50.

There’s still 2 days of fishing left, anything can happen. Don't miss a minute of the action! Download the Big Rock App, listen live, and tune in to Big Rock TV.

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